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Industry Assets

Tools for marketing and destination management

We want to help local businesses and travel professionals inform and inspire visitors with unified messaging.

Visit Jackson Hole has collaborated with our land managers, governments, tourism businesses, and nonprofit partners to develop a number of tools for marketing and visitor education that are publicly available and free to use.

Visit Jackson Hole photo and video database

Download JHTTB Images to Use

Our photo and video database includes a free collection of high-quality JPEG images, short films, and raw clips accessible for download and licensed under the Visit Jackson Hole license agreement. Images and videos may not be copied, distributed, or used for any purpose other than what you have indicated when requesting the images and videos. Failure to comply with image and video usage policies may result in fees and/or punitive damages as assessed by the photographer(s) and videographer(s).

Access the Media Hub

Share your Photos

Share your business photos for use by the JHTTB and for the JHTTB to share with others for use. This media hub is intended to share images, videos, and other content with the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board (JHTTB) and among JHTTB partners for the purpose of promotion and destination management of Jackson Hole.

By releasing this media to the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board, you grant the right to use, publish, and copyright to the JHTTB. You also grant the right to publish this media on the JHTTB’s public media library for JHTTB partners to use and publish. Photographer / videographer credit will be used if required.

Upload your Business Photos

Please make sure the file name of your photos includes: “Business name_credit@photographer_imagedescription”

Marketing Assets

Stay Wild Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing goal is to ignite the passion of a more conscientious traveler. Our challenge is to communicate the wild ethos of Jackson Hole born from a deep love and respect for this place and the “wildness” it brings out in all of us who experience it. These campaigns drive awareness of Jackson Hole as a best-in-class sustainable travel destination, as well as set expectations with those who are actively planning a trip to Jackson.

Stay Wild

Unlike other mountain destinations, Jackson Hole has preserved its authentic culture and identity, wild ethos and intact environment. We want to celebrate what makes Jackson such a great place to both visit and live in while not exploiting or negatively impacting those same attributes. That’s the vision behind Stay Wild – a double meaning inviting people to come enjoy a wild location while highlighting the importance of keeping it that way.

The Wild Rules

In order to achieve our goal of becoming a leading sustainable destination, we need to ensure that visitor (and local) actions are always considering and contributing to a more sustainable Jackson Hole. The Wild Rules gives people a guideline for responsible behavior for recreating while also bringing our Stay Wild ethos to life.

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Tag Responsibly

When visitors (and even locals) geotag on social media it brings unintended harm to some of Jackson Hole’s most precious natural areas. Tag Responsibly is an initiative that created the world’s first generic location tag – “Tag Responsibly, Keep Jackson Hole Wild.” ​​The U.S. National Park Service recognized Tag Responsibly as a best-in-class example of how to promote local sustainability-minded behavior and it has since been copied widely by other mountain communities. is a centralized destination that inspires visitation, provides frictionless planning resources, and influences positive recreational behavior through educational messaging. Business listings for local tourism-driven businesses (lodging, dining, activity and tour operators, shops, cultural institutions, and wellness centers) are imported from Google and listed on the website. Business owners will be able to manage their list via a form here – coming soon.

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board (JHTTB) has worked to cultivate a local voice on the website through content collaborations with local nonprofits, businesses, and organizations. If you would like the JHTTB to share content on, please email our communications manager at with your content pitch and any related photo or video assets.

Training and Toolkits

Working with our creative agencies, we provide our tourism businesses and travel professionals with the assets and information they need to be successful in attracting and educating visitors. These resources are paid for by the lodging tax and are therefore free for public use.