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Sustainable Destination Management Plan

Ensuring that the power of travel and tourism contributes to the health and well-being of our community, our economy, and our environment.

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board is proud to present the Sustainable Destination Management Plan (SDMP). This framework allows our community to build out and act on goals, strategies, and metrics to better anticipate and respond to the dynamic nature of tourism to capture the greatest benefit for our businesses, community, and our environment.

We are grateful for the efforts and contributions of the Jackson Hole community. We thank George Washington University, Confluence Sustainability, the Steering Committee members, our partners, and the many individuals in our community who lent their time, their resources, and their thoughts to this process. Stay involved in the SDMP progress and share your thoughts with other local community members.

Important Resources

Where are we now?

Destination Stewardship Council

Since the adoption of the SDMP in January 2023, the JHTTB continues to move forward with the priority actions recommended in the plan. A Destination Stewardship Council (DSC) has been formed with a group of tourism stakeholders from the community who are utilizing an “all-hands” approach for implementing the SDMP.

Destination Stewardship Council

Focus Areas

The SDMP is a community plan, and its successful implementation requires involvement and leadership by all stakeholder groups—the public sector (town, county, state), businesses, public land managers, the civic sector, and community members. Together, Teton County stakeholders have the opportunity to rethink how the visitor economy works and to deliver social, cultural, economic, and environmental benefits through tourism while providing exceptional visitor experiences. The SDMP framework includes a five-year implementation schedule for strategic initiatives and a more detailed work plan of priority actions. Collective action is the backbone of the SDMP, and a phased approach to implementation is outlined beginning on page 60 of the plan.

How did we get here?

The SDMP was an 18 month process, from August 2021 through January 2023, that included 12 working sessions with 50 local stakeholders, full day visioning workshops in Jackson, WY and Driggs, ID, eight focus groups with over 150 tourism leaders, and almost 5,000 respondents to a tourism sentiment survey. This effort was driven by an 18 member steering committee made of a diverse group of local community leaders. The final Teton County Sustainable Destination Management Plan was adopted by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board on January 26, 2023.

Sustainable Travel in the Tetons

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