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On September 15, 2022, the JHTTB hosted 45 local tourism stakeholders in the hospitality industry for a morning update on the marketing and educational work from the past year and looking forward.

The goal was to inform how the JHTTB is working on behalf of the hospitality community, update where we are in facilitating the Sustainable Destination Management Plan (SDMP) and discuss opportunities for continued collaboration, industry support, and representation.

Maggie Crist, Account Manager of the JHTTB’s Creative Agency of record Colle McVoy, presented this overview of the JHTTB’s recemarketing and visitor education efforts and the Stay Wild campaign evolution. The presentation includes a preview of fall and winter messaging leading up to the release of the SDMP.

Executive Director Kathryn Brackenridge presented an overview of where we are facilitating the Sustainable Destination Management Plan (SDMP) and how this process engages and impacts the hospitality industry.

Stacey Mullen, our analyst for Destimetrics, presented this 16-minute overview looking back at the summer and forward to fall and winter. This comprehensive video compares lodging occupancy and other economic indicators compared to pre-pandemic 2019, not just the unprecedented visitation numbers of 2021. Key findings include:

  • While June – Sept 2022 lodging occupancy tracked down compared to both 2021 (down 10-29%) and 2019 (down 9-13%), the “on the books” forecast for the ‘22-23 winter months (Nov – Feb) is tracking a bit higher than 2021 and “considerably higher” than 2019 (up 150% for Nov; up 24-49% Dec.- Feb.).
  • This year’s Average Daily Rates (ADR) are tracking near 2021 levels, with some months up and some down. However, 2022 ADRs are up as much as 50% from 2019. Revenue per Available Room (RevPar) follows this general trend–flat compared to 2021 but considerably higher (up to 50%) for 2022 compared to 2019.
  • Other discussion included booking patterns which in August are similar to pre-pandemic 2019, with more people booking last minute compared to 2021.
  • Daily Occupancy Report shows paid and non-paid (owners, comps) occupancy flat or down compared to 2021 year-round but up for this winter compared to 2019.
  • Multi destination reports show that Jackson Hole leads all other mountain destinations in % occupancy and RevPar for summer/fall 2022 and is currently in the average or slightly above range for the upcoming winter. This report was about the same in 2019. However, compared to other destinations, ADRs in Jackson Hole are in the top range for both summer and winter (compared to both 2019 and 2021).

The open discussion presented opportunities for continued collaboration, industry support, and representation. Industry discussion included:

  • clarity on the JHTTB structure
  • the lodging tax and how it can be spent
  • how the JHTTB can help businesses with event and marketing funding
  • input into the creative assets
  • ideas for the new website
  • and how to access JHTTB marketing assets to help promote business.

For visitor management/marketing funding requests, contact Executive Director Crista Valentino at