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JHTTB Funds Commuter Transportation During Teton Pass Closure

By Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tousim Board voted unanimously to fund commuter fares during the closure of Teton Pass.

As a result of lodging tax funding and this vote, all commuter fares are FREE during the closure of Teton Pass.

In response to the closure of Teton Pass and the desire to support commuters traveling safely from Teton County, ID to Teton County, WY, the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board voted unanimously to fund all commuter fares on the START Bus while the Pass is closed. The lodging tax funding was allocated in a public meeting on Thursday, June 13, making all START commuter fares free until the Pass reopens.

Read more about this decision and its impact in the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

Excerpt from the Jackson Hole News & Guide:

START commuter bus free through June

The START commuter bus is free now for commuters to Teton Valley, Idaho, and Star Valley, Wyoming.

The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board unanimously approved a $60,000 funding request from START Bus on Thursday afternoon. START Bus immediately cut the $8 one-way fare.

The move came six days after Teton Pass closed, first due to a mudslide and then for a landslide. On Monday, START expanded its service times. The goal is to take cars off the road and save riders money in the wake of the failure of a section of Teton Pass, the main thoroughfare for over 3,000 daily commuters.

The weekday commuter rides are free until the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30. Whether that continues beyond that date is contingent on future conversations with potential funders, START Director Bruce Abel said.


Mission: Through strategic allocation of Teton County’s lodging tax funds, we steward Jackson Hole toward a sustainable destination, where our leadership, marketing, management, and community engagement ensure the vitality of our natural and human ecosystems.