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As we look back on the past fiscal year, the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board (JHTTB) is proud to share a summary of its efforts in the FY21 Annual Report.

The report illustrates everything the JHTTB has done this past year to support the local economy, enhance the experience of visitors while educating them on lower-impact ways to enjoy Jackson Hole, and improve the quality of life for those who live and work here.

The past year has brought its challenges, many of which brought on by the continuing pandemic, but the JHTTB is proud of the milestones that have been met. Recognizing that COVID-19 was impacting local businesses, the JHTTB authorized a community marketing stimulus grant process that funded over $100,000 to kick-start their efforts in reopening after the challenges experienced in the early stages of the pandemic. We also continued to promote our Stay Wild campaign with the launch of The Wild Rules to educate visitors on the importance of planning ahead and how to minimize impact while they’re here, especially as visitor numbers hit record highs.

The JHTTB is also formalizing our desire to develop a sustainable destination management plan by contracting with George Washington University to develop a strategic road map for ecosystem stewardship, growth management and quality of life preservation moving forward. This collaborative, community-wide effort is the first of its kind for Jackson Hole and is expected to be completed in September 2022.

Finding a balance between visitor experience, economic health and resident lifestyle is crucial to the future of this place we are so fortunate to call home. The JHTTB appreciates your support and welcomes your engagement.

Get the full download and read the report here.