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Lodging Tax

Travel and tourism at work for Teton County.

In an average year, our small town welcomes over 1.5 million overnight visitors, with a few million more passing through.

In the State of Wyoming, a 5% lodging tax is collected from every visitor’s stay at a hotel, motel, RV park, campground, guest ranch, rental property, or other lodging facility. Three percent is managed by the Wyoming Office of Tourism and 2% stays in Teton County. Sixty percent of these local funds are managed by the JHTTB for destination marketing, tourist education, events, and other tourism-related initiatives as outlined in the Wyoming Statutes. The 40% balance is managed by the Town of Jackson and Teton County, primarily to mitigate the impacts of tourism on infrastructure and services.

The Wyoming Statutes require the JHTTB to budget and allocate lodging tax dollars toward “expenditures for travel and tourism promotional materials” as well as “events, educational materials, and other specific tourism-related objectives, including those as identified as likely to facilitate tourism or enhance the visitor experience.”

Questions about the lodging tax

About the JHTTB

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board (JHTTB) is dedicated to developing a healthy economy that preserves Jackson Hole’s natural capital, provides a quality visitor experience, and enhances the well-being of the community.