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JHTTB allocates $369,700 community event funding for 38 events

By Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board
Grand Teton Music Festival is funded by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board

In a public meeting on April 11, 2024, the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board (JHTTB) approved $369,700 to be allocated among 38 local events taking place between September 28, 2024 and December 31, 2024.

Event funding from the JHTTB directly benefits the community by generating lodging revenue and additional economic spend while growing community resources. The recent allocation to Fall 2024 events is anticipated to generate a more than $6 to $1 return in lodging revenue and over $1 million in spend on local dining, shopping, activities, and more.

Grand Teton Music Festival is funded by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board The Jackson Hole Marathon funded by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board

In August 2024, the JHTTB is expected to allocate an additional $450,000 to events taking place between January 1, 2025 and June 8, 2025, totaling approximately $850,000 allocated to community events in fiscal year 2025.

“Funding community events is some of the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board’s most impactful work,” says Crista Valentino, Executive Director for the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board. “Not only do these events serve our residents and visitors, but we’re also able to track our investment in event funding and see that it goes directly back into the local economy through event attendee lodging stays, dining, shopping, and more.”

The goal for JHTTB event funding is to support events that draw visitors to Jackson to generate overnight stays, and also to invest in community culture and contribute to organizations doing important work in the valley. For example, the Jackson Hole Marathon and Jackson Hole International Film Festival, which both receive JHTTB funding, estimate that each of these events attract roughly 2,000 visitors annually. Other community-focused events like “Giving Rise to a Mindful Community,” the Jackson Hole Climate Summit, and Indigenous People’s Day Celebration provide local residents with opportunities for health, well-being, and informational resources while encouraging deeper connections to heritage, the humanities, and the arts.

“Beyond the economic value of events, these celebrations and summits provide residents with amenities throughout the year,” Valentino continues. “These are great examples of how funds generated by travel and tourism give back to all ages and interests in our community.”

Event applications for Spring 2025 events are now open. Click here for more information.